Google searching is too deep then, we think. It gives us results about everything we search within seconds because of its vast data that Google stores in their data warehouses. But do you know how we can find the specific data which can be useful to use with the help of Google Searching itself?

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So here it is, In this article, you will learn some cool Google Search tips to search on Google like a Pro…

Google Search Tips

1. Search For Specific Files

If you want to search for presentations or PDFs or any other specific documents, then you can use the “filetype” keyword for this type of searching. It can be helpful if you only want the paper related search and not anything else. Like, if you wish to any pdf linked to the C programming language book, then you can search for “c programming book filetype: pdf” and this will only give you the results for pdf.

Filetype Keyword

2. Search for Term in Title

There are times when you want to search for something particular and subtle. Here comes the use of the “intitle” keyword. With the help of this keyword, you will get some precise results as it will only give you that result whose page title is related to your searching keyword. Like if you want something related to development, then you can use “intitle: development.” If you also want to search for some multiple terms, you can use “allintitle.” Like “allintitle:android app development,” this will give you some specific results rather than regular searching.

Intitle Keyword

3. Search For Term in the URL of Website

So, if you want to search any term and you want to get only those results that have those particular keywords in the URL. For that purpose, you can use “inurl” keyword. With the help of this keyword, your results get too specific and useful for you. Like if you want to search something related to the app, then you can write “inurl: app.” It will give you only those results whose URL contains the app word, and if you want to search multiple-term, you can use “allinurl” keyword. Like “allinurl: android app development,” It will show you only those URL which contains android, app, development.

Inurl Keyword

4. Get Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms of Any Term

Sometimes we get confused between the words and don’t know the meaning of that term, and as usual, we go for Google and search that term. Sometimes, Google doesn’t give relevant results, and here comes the use of the “define” keyword. With the help of this keyword, you will get a specific definition and many more things of that term. Like “define specific,” and it will give you the definition, synonyms, antonyms of that word.

Define Keyword

5. Get to know stock rates

If you are interested in knowing the prices of the stocks of different companies regularly, then this “stock” keyword comes handy. With the help of this, you can get any share detail very precisely and the real-time prices. Like, “stock Amazon” it will give you the real-time price of the Amazon share. And you can see the increment or decrement in the price of shares as per time basis.

These are the tips that can be very much helpful while searching on Google and get the results of your specific problem. There are many keywords apart from these, and we will update this if we found that helpful.

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