In today’s pandemic, where the whole world is in a lockdown situation, Digital Marketing is an effective and efficient way of advertising the business worldwide in a hassle-free manner. For marketing your products digitally, many giant companies like Google, Facebook provide there own advertising platform. But it’s always confusing that which is better in between Google vs. Facebook Ads Network.

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First we will talk about what are these?

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Google Ads Network

It is an advertising platform where you can display your ads on Google services and platforms. So for that, you need to pay some amount of money to Google, and then Google itself will show your ads to the number of users and get you some visits to your product or the thing you advertised.

As we all know that Google has such a massive amount of user data, so it will display your ad to only those users who are interested in your product, so in this way, your money will not be wasted and give you some quality results. Google will only display your ad on the platforms developed by them like Google Search, YouTube, etc.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are also mostly the same as Google Ads, but the difference is via Facebook Ads; you can only advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Your ads here will be shown only to those users who are interested in your products and services. Thanks to the data kept by Facebook. In Facebook Ads, you also have to pay some amount when you want the ad to run.

So the question arises that Are they Worth It? And after the comparison between Google vs. Facebook Ads, Which one is better?

Are they Worth it?

The answer is YES; they are Worth It. You can reach such a significant amount of audience in such a less time and money.

Which one is better (Google vs. Facebook Ads)?

And if we talk about a better one, Google Ads is Undoubtedly Better than Facebook Ads because there are too many features available, and you can customize the reach of the people according to your need. You will get visitors in no time. The ads you can run on Google Ads are like website advertising, YouTube advertising, app promotion, sales, etc. 

Facebook Ad is not bad enough. Like if you want to maximize your Instagram and Facebook reach, this can be too much help, and you can contact the user as per the interest, and in this field, Facebook Ads can be more helpful than Google Ads.


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