Hey, you were looking to build your career as an Android Developer. You are at the right place. This article will guide you that android development is the right choice for your job or not.

Is it possible to create an app without coding?

Might be many of you searched on Google how to build mobile apps. And as a result, many websites, blogs, articles come up on your screen with the title “Build Mobile Apps Without Coding by Just Drag and Drop.”

But as per my experience, I can tell with a guarantee that it’s impossible to build mobile apps, whether it’ iOS or Android, without having any prior knowledge in any programming language.

For starting your career as an Android Developer, one should have a basic understanding of“Java” or “Kotlin” or some other programming language. Because the base of every programming language is the same, there is the only difference in syntax.

I have never tried to code the applications without coding, but if it’s possible to develop apps without coding, they might be there are some limitations in it. Like you can’t get full flexibility to create or design the application as per your choice, you have to depend on the by default templates design and structure.

Android Development without coding is the same as designing the WordPress website with some theme where we can’t build a website fully flexible as per our choice if we do not have a piece of adequate knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

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Programming Language to Get Start with Android Development

Might be there are some of you guys who willing to boost there career as Android Developer has already done some R&D about a programming language for android development, and most probably, you get most results about Java and Kotlin.

Which one to learn Android or Kotlin?

As per my experience, any fresher who is willing to become an android developer should start by learning Java. Because Kotlin itself evolves from Java only, and if the base in Java is clear and perfect, then anyone can easily migrate to Kotlin in the future.

Java can be used in many other types of programming development apart from Android Application Development.

Some Basics Requirements of Knowledge and Devices for the Android Developer

  • Knowledge of programming language: One should have basic knowledge and a clear base of any programming languages. For example, C, C++, Python, Java, Kotlin, etc..
  • Devices: One should have their PC with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a minimum i3 processor. Android smartphone for testing the app. *You can also check the app on Android Virtual Device (AVD).
  • Android Studio Software: It’s an official IDE by Google to develop android apps. You can easily download it by searching “Android Studio” on Google.
  • Excellent and Reliable Internet connection: Internet connection is a must while downloading and installing the android studio. Internet connection is also required at the time of creating AVD. And again, if your application is server-based and sometimes at the time of coding also. Some resources in android studio download and install at the time of running of the app, which might require an internet connection.
  • Dedication & Patience: This is an essential factor someone can develop itself only to succeed in life.

Quick Recap

By this, I will conclude this article. I hope you guys have learned something from it. Thank You! All the Best!


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