Everybody wants Smart Home nowadays because it makes the home look nice and automatically do most of the work. In Smart Homes, you need to give the command to smart things, and they will do the job just like the Google Assistant gives you the answers to different questions. You can control your home via your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. It would be best to have an internet connection at your home, and you are good to go.

So Here, we will tell you the things/gadgets you must have to make your home smart:-

Devices for Smart Home

Voice Assistant

A smart assistant is one of the most used things, or we can say devices worldwide. Most of us also use in our mobile phones like google assistant or Siri. But here comes an item, we can get these assistants as a built-in device which we can keep at our homes and control different things like tv, lights, ask questions, and many more. Examples of these devices are Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. You can buy them online on Amazon: Amazon Echo(Alexa)– Here, Google Home– Here.

Smart Lighting

These are one of my favorite gadgets via which we can control our whole lighting system of the home. There are multiple types of lights that you can control from your mobile phone or the above mentioned Smart Assistant. You don’t need to switch on/off the lights when you go out or in. That can also save electricity. Just need to say, “Alexa Light’s off.” Multiple companies make LED bulbs like Syska, Wipro, to connect to sockets in your lamp or on the wall. The most beneficial thing about these is that you can change the color of lights according to your choice. You can buy them on Amazon HERE.

Smart Locks

Smart Locks are used to securing your home from theft and keep it safe. Regular locks can be breakable, but any person cannot destroy these locks. It can only be open on your mobile phone. You can set them up on your main door, and if anybody tries to open the door without your information, the alarm will start, and it will also share this information with you on the mobile phone. You can also share the code with guests to open the door without any hassle from their mobile phone if you are outside. If you want to buy these types of locks, you can buy them from HERE at amazon.

Cleaning Robot

It is the most useful gadget for home purposes. It helps you in the cleaning of the home automatically. Just need to give the direction to the robot, and it will keep your home clean. You can control it with Google Home or Amazon Echo or via the given robot’s mobile app. It works as a Vacuum cleaner and will automatically change its direction if somebody comes in the middle. So that’s the benefit of these types of Robots. You can order this device also on Amazon HERE

Smoke Detectors

These are some essential devices that use to detect the smoke and act accordingly. These devices install in the home’s ceiling, and if any fire occurs near these devices, it will wake up the alarm and throw some water over the fire. This work is done automatically, and we don’t need to manage once it installs. You can order them from Amazon HERE

So, These are the gadgets which you must have if you want to convert your Home to Smart Home.


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