Ever lost a phone while gone out for some work and want to find a lost phone (Android / iPhone). There are multiple ways through which you can track your phone location and find it. As we all know that the mobile phone is the most crucial thing which we use in our daily life. So if we lost our mobile somewhere, then that can be a more significant issue to solve. Because it contains our personal information, and we don’t want anyone to access it. So we’ll talk about how to find our lost phone. Here we go:-

Secure Your Phone:-

Add Fingerprint or PIN as Screen Lock:

Most of us use screen lock to secure our phone but Is it secure as we think of? There are many options available for screen lock like, Face Lock, Fingerprint, Slide Lock and many more. So the best way to secure your mobile phone is Enable your fingerprint lock.

To do that, Go to Settings->Password & Security -> Fingerprint and then set up your fingerprint lock. We can do this on both Android and iPhone.

Switch on Google Find My Device:

Now you have created a secure lock screen, then another thing you have to do is turn on Google Find My Device option in the setting. It is very much helpful because via this; you can remotely lock, reset, or ring your phone if lost. Mostly when you first log in on your device by Google account, it will automatically turn on this thing but be sure to check this.

To check if this option is in or not then Go to Settings-> Security & Location-> Find My device. If your phone does not have Security and Location then Go to Google -> Security -> Find My Device. And if it is off then switch it on.

Some Minor Points Keep in Mind:

  • Your mobile’s internet connection must be on.
  • The location of your phone must be on.
  • If you go out, do not put it on silent.

Now if your phone get lost then What to do:-

Find a Lost Phone:-

Find Your Device Through Google Search:-

Open Google Chrome on your laptop or anyone’s mobile and log in with your Gmail id, which logged in your mobile. And then search finds my device or find a lost phone on google. It will show you like the below image and click on allow. It will take you to my device page where you can lock or ring your device.

You can also get the location of your device from this. If your phone location is on, then it will give you the exact location, and if the location of your phone is turn off, then it will show you the nearby area of your device.

find lost phone by web

Find Your Device Through an App:-

Firstly there are many apps available to on play store to find your device, but most of them are fake. The app which can be trusted is Google Find My Device, which is very much useful. Just take someone’s phone and download this app and login with your Gmail id, by which you have logged in on your mobile.

It will show you the location of your phone. You can also lock your phone remotely and show the details you enter on your mobile lock screen. It will be beneficial if someone found your phone and want to call you.

find lost phone by app

Find Your Device in Your Home:-

There can be multiple times that we forget where we kept the mobile in our house. So there is a way that we can find the mobile. If you have Google Home at your home, then you can just speak “Ring my phone,” and your phone will start ringing. If not, just go to find my device app; as we discussed above, there is an option to ring my device that will work, and you will find your phone.

Block your IMEI

It is the last option; if you can’t find lost phone by the above options, you can block your IMEI number. IMEI Number is a unique mobile number present on mobile, and it cannot be matched with any other mobile phone. You can check your IMEI number on the back of the phone box comes when you purchased it. Then go to the nearest police station and tell them about your phone and tell them the IMEI of your mobile and they will block your mobile so nobody can use it.

So that’s it for find lost phone. We will bring you some more technological blogs like that so stay tuned for that.

Thank You!


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