If you are looking to advertise your product or your things, the best way to do is Google Ads. Google Ads 2000 coupon is very much helpful to fulfill your goal with less money.

So here are some steps on How to get this ₹2000 Google Ads Coupon and how to use it, and what are terms and conditions to get and, use it.

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Steps to receive the coupon

  1. Go to Google Ads website https://bit.ly/3hBRq6N
  2. Enter your email on which you want to receive the Google Ads Promotional Code.
  3. Then click on the “Get offer code,” and you will get an email with the promotional code.
  4. After that, Login in the google ads with the email ID you have received the code.

How you will receive ₹2000

  1. Firstly you need to create the campaign(We will talk about making it in the below blog and add promotional code).
  2. After that, you need to pay some amount to start the campaign (Minimum ₹500).
  3. Then Google will take some time to review it and start your campaign.
  4. After the campaign was created and promotional code applied. Google will credit your promotional money to your account after one month.
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Calculation of Google Ads Coupon Amount

If you spend ₹500 in one month, then Google will credit 500 more to spend. So if you spend ₹2000 or more, you will receive ₹2000 max. The money paid will be calculated for that month only in which the promotional code is applied.

How to Create a Campaign and Apply Google Ads ₹2000 Coupon

  • Click on “New Campaign.”         
  • Select your goal guidance. Then Select campaign Type.                                                                                                                       
  • Fill the form as per your conditions. Like below one         
  • Then on the payment page, there is a field of “Enter Promotional code” there. You have to enter the code you have received in your email.   
  • After your promo code gets applied, do the payment and your campaign will be enabled.

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