Most of us are using Google Chrome to search for whatever comes in our mind and feel like the chrome is working slower. Many of us in the development field face such issues like consuming the RAM, or the PC is working more deliberately when we use heavy software with the chrome (can also be seen in memes). So is there any solution for that, and How can we make chrome faster??

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History of Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is initially developed by Google to compete Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, launched in 2008. It was built to make the search more accessible and help the user to search faster. It has gained popularity because of its minimalistic design and faster page-loading using the Google Search algorithm. Since then, chrome’s popularity is high but working slower from time to time because of the updates.

So here we are to tell how you can make chrome faster:-

Things you can do to make chrome faster:-

Update the Google Chrome to its latest version:-

The first and simplest thing is to update your chrome version, which can fix your browser problem. Google brings updates from time to time in which they solve the minor bugs and brings new functionality. For updating your chrome version Open Chrome-Settings-About Chrome. It will automatically check for the latest version. You can also download the latest version from HERE.

Remove the unused extensions:-

The other way to speed up your browser is to remove the unused extensions. So with the help of this, you can free up the browser’s storage to increase the browser’s speed. To do so, Go to ” chrome://extensions/,” and you will see all the extensions installed on the chrome. And to remove the extensions, click on the Remove button, and it will remove that extension.

Clear the history and cache of the browser:- 

Now, if the above steps won’t work, then this can be helpful. We can clear the History and cookies of the browser. Because the browser stores the History and cookies & also shares with different websites and if we delete them, then it will be secure for us and also speed up the browser. To do so, Go to ” chrome://history/ ” or press Ctrl + History. It will open the History page. Click on “Clear Browsing History” it will clear all the History, cookies, cache till the date, and the storage will get free. It will also help in keeping privacy.

Close unnecessary tabs or use any tab management extension:-

If you have the habit of using or opening multiple tabs at a time, this can also affect the browser’s speed. So what can we do of it, and How can we solve this? We can close these tabs one by one, or we can use the task manager to close these tabs. But if you don’t want any of this, then you can use the tab management extensions. The best attachments for this purpose are:-

  • The Great Suspender:– This extension can help you to suspend tabs that you aren’t using. So those tabs you are not using will go to sleep and don’t take any space, and when you click on the tab again, it will turn on and will work too.                                      
  • Tab Snooze:-  This extension can help you close the tabs and schedule them to open later. And when the tab opens, you can click on the notification to pick where you left off.

Reset your chrome and Clean Up:-

Last but not the least way is to reset your browser. Via this way, your chrome will get the fresh start and works faster. To do so, Go to Settings of the browser, and on the left side, go to Advanced. There you will see the Reset and Clean Up option click on that. You will see two options. Click on any options out of those two, reset the chrome to the default version, and the other one will reset the chrome and clean up your computer’s malware if any who are affecting your PC.


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