As we all know, Facebook uses its Ads Tool for advertising our products on social media platforms like (Facebook, Instagram), and we can reach a vast number of people and promote our work. But nowadays, Instagram is at peak and increasing its popularity day by day. Many of you can ask that can we encourage our things or promote on Instagram too. So the answer is Yes, You can, and through this, you can also increase your followers on Instagram too.

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Here we are with the latest blog on the latest topic. And in this, we will talk about How can we promote on Instagram with the step by step process.

Connect your Instagram A/c to Facebook A/c

First, to set up your Instagram Account for advertising, you must connect your Account to your Facebook account or your Facebook page. You have to join them because we are using Facebook Ads for that.

To do that:

  1. Go to your Facebook Account
  2. Create a new page as per your Instagram A/c Category || Go to your previous Facebook Page (if any)
  3. Go to settings of the page and click on Instagram and Type your Instagram Username
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. That’s it for Facebook Account. We have done setting up our Facebook Ads Account.

Promote on Instagram:

Let’s do our Advertising

  • Go to Instagram Account whose post you want to promote.
  • Suppose you haven’t posted anything. Then Firstly, do the post.
  • You can post anything related to your website, Instagram Account, or any app. Anything you want to promote.
  • Then after the post, a small button appears below the post.
Promote Post
  • Click on Promote, and It will automatically check that you are connected to Facebook or not.
  • A page appears where you have to select “Destination \ Where you want to send people” (Profile, Website, Direct Messages). You can choose anything as per your usage. If you are promoting your Instagram Page, then select Profile. If promoting the website, then Select the Website. And if you are selling something and want that people want to send you direct Messages, then Select Direct Messages.
  • So After that Here, the page comes to target the audience. There are two options (Automatic \ Create your Own). Go for Create your Own because, with the help of this, your ad will give you more specific results.
  • While creating your Audience, Select your Location where you want to display your ad. Select the Interest as per your category and be specific. On Instagram, there are vast numbers of Interest available. Select the Age and Gender. I recommend you to select the age between 13-30 because people of this age mostly use Instagram.
  • Now the essential thing, Budget. There is an option to Select the budget according to the number of people you want to reach. So if you are advertising via Facebook Ads for the first time, then only go for the minimum amount to check if it is giving the results you want. The minimum amount you need is ₹80 for one day to you have to select that. And you can reach up to 2,400 people in one day. That’s huge. If you are satisfied with the result, then you can go for a more considerable amount.
  • At last, the review page appears, and you only need to make the payment. You can do that via UPI, Paytm, Debit Card, or anything else you want.
Review Page
  • Click on “Create Promotion” after the payment is successful.

So that’s all for Instagram Ads. Via this, you can promote your things, and can also increase your followers.


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