Hello, readers, today we are going to talk about “CPU Temperature.” At the time of development, processing speed gets slow because of an increase in the temperature of your PC. So, in this post, we will discuss why so that happens and solution for the same.

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Whether you are a software developer or a UX designer or Gamer, you should always take care of your CPU temperature. Let us tell you why.

The average temperature of your CPU should be in the range 40-50-degree Celsius in regular CPU use, and it should be between 70-80 degrees Celsius at the time of 100% CPU usage.

If the temperature reaches 80-100 degrees Celsius at 100% utilization, it’s terrible for CPU if used for a long duration. It decreases the lifespan of the CPU.

Our development software, like Android Studio, Chrome, Visual Studio, Adobe Premiere, etc. performs CPU intensive tasks while building projects, processing images, etc. Most of the time, they utilize all of your CPU power, so you should to always monitor the temperature of your CPU.

Temperature can rise due to various reasons. It may happen due to a faulty fan or due to overloading or the deprecation of thermal paste.

Now the question is how to monitor your CPU Temperature?

You can measure the “temperature” using RealTemp.

Download RealTemp From Here: Download RealTemp

RealTemp is a portable small-sized Utility software that will give you your CPU current temperature in a single click; all you have to do is open the application.

This utility also provides an option to run any application if the temperature rises above the configured limit. So, you can either shut down your PC or can launch Task Manager to kill few unnecessary apps.

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