I’m sure not everybody on the Internet knows that HTTP response code 418 even exists.

We all know 404 represents NOT_FOUND, 403 represents FORBIDDEN, 200 represents STATUS_OK. So what does 418 means?

Before I come to that, Let me tell you the origin.

It was a joke created on 1st April 1988 by the people who have invented the HTTP response code as part of an April Fools prank.
It represents “I’m a teapot!“.
This HTTP status is when you send a BREW or POST request to the server to brew coffee. It will reply with HTTP 418, stating, “I’m a teapot!”.

Does HTTP 418 Still Exist?

Yes, This HTTP status code is still used by some websites as an Easter egg. You can see the actual demo here: https://www.google.com/teapot

In August 2017, a request was made to remove this status from official projects. A website save418.com was developed in response, starting the “Save 418 Movement” to save the code. Due to the unanimous support, 418 was marked as a reserved HTTP status code. 

Thank You!

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