Today we are going to talk about the most discuss android version nowadays which is Android 11. There are too many Android 11 Features that make this version unique from previous versions, and we are going to talk about them.

So some brief about Android 11, this version has launched and started rolling out its official and stable performance in Pixel Phones. and will also be launch in different companies Android phones in no time. Google has not declared the name of it yet, and till now, it’s not clear that they will do this time or not.

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So you all want to know that What are the Android 11 features are there that makes this version unique. Here we go:-

Android 11 Features

Chat Bubbles

Have you ever used Facebook’s messenger? If Yes, then you know about what we are talking about. Google brings this feature just to make chatting more convenient. If you got any message from any chatting app than it will be displayed as a bubble on the screen. When you click that bubble, the message will be displayed on the screen.

Firstly Google brings this feature in Android Q, or we can say in Android 10, but not in a fully reliable way as you can’t use it with every chatting app. And now, it is here with full functionality. For activating this feature on your apps, Just long-press on the app icon and click on “Show in a Bubble,” and you will get your messages in the form of a bubble.

chat bubble android 1 features

Developed Notifications Section

As we all know, notifications are a vital part of any application. Sometimes, it becomes annoying when we receive too many announcements simultaneously, and the important notices mix up with others.

For that purpose, Android brings new features in which notifications are divided into three types:- Conversational, Alerting, and Silent Notifications.

Conversational Notifications are the type where you are contacting, chatting with someone. These will come on the top of the notification bar, and you can prioritize according to your choice as you want which person message you want on top of your phone in DND mode. That must be a good thing to implement.

And alerting and silent section comes after the conversional section, respectively. You can set up different apps according to your choice in notification settings as alerting or silent. Via this, you can maintain your notifications menu in a particular manner.

developed notification android 11

Natively Record Your Screen

It’s an important feature for those who want to record their screen for making some videos related to gaming or anything. Before this, we need to install some 3rd party apps for the screen recording but not now. Android 11 gives you this feature to record the screen by just clicking the icon present in the quick settings in the taskbar. And that’s it your recording gets started.

It’s just a simple tool, not a full-screen recorder, but it gets the job done. You can also set that you want to record audio, screen taps, and something like that. But if you wish to more things, you can go for your favorite third-party apps.

A Redesigned Media Player

Everybody listen to songs in their Android phone; for that, Android 11 brings a new feature for the media player. When we play any song in Android-phone, a small media player in the notification drawer. But in android 11, you will get a media player in the quick settings bar as a media player is not the type of notification. To see that media player, you have to drag the notification bar, and you can change or play/pause the music.

One more thing you can even switch from your phone speaker to a Bluetooth speaker just by clicking the button appears in the media player.

Smart App Suggestions?

It’s a good feature and only comes in Pixel phones for now. In this, Google will suggest some apps in your dock as per the usage and user preferences. It will give you some suggestions for the apps you must download for your ease.

It may not be beneficial for first, but by the time you use your mobile much, you can get some great suggestions to save your time for searching the related app. It may come in different phones which have Android 11 in the near future.

Dark Mode Scheduling

Dark Mode first appears in Android 10, and you can set dark mode or light mode on your mobile phone. But in Android 11, it gets advanced, and now you can schedule the dark way as at which time you want the dark mode and which time you want light mode.

There are multiple settings also available, which will also help you switch from light to dark after sunset and vice-versa like that. It can be helpful for your eyes as we don’t need to bother to switch between them.

One-Time Permissions and Auto-Reset

Its the best security features which are brought by the Android team in this version. We don’t have anything like that in any of the Android versions till now. In this version, when you are giving access to the app for the camera, you can have three options:- 1. Only this time, 2. While using this app, 3. Deny.

This feature can help you want your privacy and don’t want to give any information to 3rd party apps. In previous versions, you can only either grant permission or deny that. And if you pass the license, then we almost forget to turn them off, and we can’t even know that at what time the app is using that permission or misuse them.

There are more Android 11 Features, but these are the most important features which make Android 11 unique.

Know More About Android 11 Features Visit Android 11 Official Page



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